Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tippi Loves.. Crystal Renn!

It's that time of the year again. London Fashion week is about to start. Already the adolescent models and their elongated prepubescent bodies have descended upon Dalston ( perhaps it should be called Dalston fashion week- it is after all the unofficial fashion capital of London) They mill about Kingsland road looking rather bored/lost/hungry. The shows have already started in New York and as a freelancing designer I will be spending the next month staring day in, day out at teenage girls trying to sell clothes that are designed for women to wear. Half of which I won't see again next season, such is the disposableness of today's aspiring models. To top it off its SS11 season, there will be more flesh on show.. which means I'll have the pleasure of looking at..
Wasting thigh muscles..

Knobbly Knees...

Bony backs...

Deflated boobs and flat bottoms..
(and is it just me or is her head size 
disproportionate to that of her body?)

Sometimes their bony frames buckle under the immense 
strain of wearing a dress AND carrying a handbag!

So when I first discovered the model Crystal Renn a couple of years back I IMMEDIATELY fell head over heels in love with her and all that she represents. She is a deliciously bosomed, peachy bottomed, ample thighed 'Up Yours' to the fashion worlds boringly stagnant ideal of beauty and body shape.

 She is indeed somewhat of a novelty at present, but the beginnings of a quiet revolution I hope to bring sexy back! Interestingly in her early days of modelling she was a standard model size 6 but unable to coupe with the physical and emotional stress of keeping to such an unnatural size for her height she quit the mainstream modelling world to embark on a career as a 'plus size' model. It is a label I find odd- she's a UK size 16 and  5ft 10in' tall- that seems pretty OK to me?! Since then her career has had a meteoric rise, she has been featured in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and numerous editorials  including Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar magazines. Here are some more pictures of Crystal looking down right delicious!
Pin Up!

Meow.. Prurrrrrrrrr.. Sex kitten 

Hello Sailor! Boys Love Crystal..

...Tippi loves Crystal

Lace catsuits and thongs never looked so good!

Crystal has written a book about her experiences both as a size 6 model through her various body transformations to her drop dead gorgeousness as she is today! 

Hungry? Yes! For more Crystal Renn!!!


  1. Oh those first photos are quite stomache churning. All I can think is WHY?? Why do they persist in using this skeletal shape to sell clothes, I'm sorry but it just doesn't make the clothes look better at all - thats no excuse. I did hear on the radio or somewhere that there was a designer using larger sized models for a show coming up, I wonder who - D and G maybe? Lets hope your Chrystal Renn lady is the start of a revolution, and I wonder if the current trend for all things vintage is helping too. I watches some of The Seven Year Itch the other day, Marylin Monroe is still one of the sexiest women to have walked the earth and she was curvey as hell. Tiny waist though.

  2. Hear Hear Nancy. Why!? Yes indeed it makes no sense, but then again many things in this world make no sense, like how European and American women starve themselves to be thin and tan themselves to a walnut brown and then have to get plastic surgery to sort out their faces when they start looking like old leather handbags.. Then you've got dark skinned women in Africa who spend silly amounts of money on creams and treatments to make their skin a lighter colour. Perhaps they should both convert to Buddhism and then they can come back in another life as each other!! It's BONKERS! Me? i'm just glad i've a brain that functions relatively well and two arms and hands for drawing and typing, a pair of shapley legs for dancing and an ample bottom that's very comfortable to sit on!!
    Right i'll get off my high horse now... Errm can you help me down please...?

  3. Well said Tippi. Crystal Renn is stunning. I've always thought that bones shouldn't be visible unless you are looking at an X-ray.

    For me curves are far more attractive...actually if I'm honest it's brains over beauty, but prehaps that's for another debate.